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Our Expertise

Our comprehensive range of services and solutions means we can guarantee success for every company we advise, no matter the size or industry. Learn more about our areas of expertise below.
Accounting Advisory Services

In today’s scenario of globalization and technology convergance, the process of doing business has been redefined. Outsourcing various processes makes a lot of business sense. Most businesses and large companies are outsourcing their accounting processes for better management of their finances,and time etc.These services are structured to suit an individual client’s needs and requirements.

Forensic Audit

Company is staffed with competent and experienced team of professionals and industry experts of Certified Fraud Examiners and associated financial forensic specialists lead the way to assist enterprises, banks and insurance companies in providing due diligence and investigative services. Our director Mr Atul Kumar Jain is certified FAFD from ICAI.

Corporate Finance

We provide various services to our clients including preparation of Detailed Feasibility Reports, Forecasting and analysing of Financial Statements and arranging funds from Banks/Financial Institutions.

Valuation Services

We have a competent group of industry experts, internationally experienced professionals and domestic law and compliance experts from diverse backgrounds that team up to provide a comprehensive service in the following transaction advisory value addition to clients: Due Diligence Business Valuation Debt & Equity Sourcing Project Report & Viability Structuring Advice

Our experience enables us to offer various kind of services/solutions to our clients which includes conducting Due Diligence of borrowers for banks.

Insurance and Risk Management Services

Our aim here is to identify areas of risk for the client and ensure they are adequately protected from those risks where possible.By being involved early we can also reduce risk in transactions by ensuring the appropriate structure is in place for you prior to the transaction occurring.

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